Code example: AutocompleteResult

	"Addresses": [{
		"Id": 0,
		"InternalId": 0,
		"City": "Karlsruhe",
		"CityPart": "",
		"Country": "DE",
		"Distance": null,
		"District": "",
		"State": "",
		"Street": "",
		"Zip": null,
		"XCoord": null,
		"YCoord": null,
		"Rank": null,
		"CitySize": 2025,
		"CityId": 0,
		"AdditionalInfo": "",
		"DisplayValue": "Karlsruhe, DE"
	"Count": 29,
	"Result": "Success"


Only the following properties are relevant.

Name Description Data type
City City string
CityPart District string
Country Country string
Distance The distance to the center of the map. This information is only relevant if you are in the mode in which the addresses of a specified map section are listed. string
District In Germany: County. string
State In Germany: Federal State string
Street Street string
Zip Zip code string
CitySize Indicates the relative importance and size of the city. The value is needed for sorting. string
DisplayValue The value that can be displayed in the input field. Please do not use this value for a geo-coding request, but rather the exact details of zip code, city, street, etc. string