Address layers

The map is automatically adjusted to the list of found addresses.

Only data hosted at YellowMap can be drawn in. There are already several address layers available. The selection is made by entering one or more branch codes.

Application example: You can, for example, have the locations of your branches hosted by us drawn into the map and use them in a mailing campaign.

Additional Parameters

For the standard parameters see Parameters.

Name Type Description
top String Maximum number of addresses on the map.
branches String The industry codes of the different levels.
mapIcons String Determines which image belongs to which branch.

Use cases


If no search point is specified, the Geo-IP serves as search point.


A coordinate determines the search point.


An address determines the search point: The address is geocoded. If the geocoding is not unique, the first hit is taken. If the address cannot be coded, the geo-IP serves as search point (as in the first case).