The backend services are independent services. This is an enterprise function of the SmartMaps. The functionality is not available in SmartMaps FREE. For the activation of a service and further questions we are at your disposal in our support area .

Routing SOAP

The GeoServices of version 2 offer the following possibilities:

  • Calculation of routes
  • Calculation of matrix routes (calculation of the distance instead of the linear distance)
  • Calculation of Isochronous Routes

The GIS functionality is provided via a classic SOAP interface, whose WSDL can be accessed via the following link:

A form for testing the service can be found below:

Standard parameters

The partner name, security key and the Channel parameter are passed to each SOAP method. The Channel parameter can be used by the user to flag a call in the log.

Name Typ Bemerkung
SystemPartner xml:string The name of the access partner; is generated by YellowMap and communicated to the partner.
SecurityID xml:string The access key; is generated by YellowMap and communicated to the partner.
Channel xml:string A character string that is logged; it can be freely selected.
IsoLocale xml:string The locale, composed of language and country; for example: de-DE for German in Germany.
Addition xml:string This parameter can be used to specify additional parameter values in the form of a query string. Format: Key1=Value1&Key2=Value

The other parameters are specified individually for each method.