Parameter overview

Default parameters for routing

The table lists the parameters that can be used for all route calculation requests.

Name Type Description
SystemPartner xml:string The name of the access partner; is generated by YellowMap and communicated to the partner.
SecurityID xml:string The access key; is generated by YellowMap and communicated to the partner.
Channel xml:string Any character string that is logged and used to identify the call later. It can be freely chosen.
CoordFormatIn xml:string The coordinate format of the coordinate for which an address is to be determined. One of the values from the Coordinate Formats list
CoordFormatOut xml:string The coordinate format to be returned for the determined address. One of the values from the Coordinate Formats list
Addition xml:string This parameter can be used to specify additional parameter values in the form of a query string. Format: Key1=Value1&Key2=Value
CarType xml:string One of the valid speed profiles
RouteOptimization xml:string One of the values for route optimization

Route parameters: Speed Profiles

Parameter values that define the type of vehicle.

Enumeration value Type Description
FAST xml:string Motor vehicle, fast
SLOW xml:string Motor vehicle, slow
PEDESTRIAN xml:string Pedestrian
BICYCLE xml:string Bicycle

Route parameters: Optimization

Parameter values that define the optimization of a route.

Enumeration value Type Description
ECONOMICAL xml:string Most economical route
FASTEST xml:string Fastest Route
SHORTEST xml:string Shortest route

Coordinate Formats

The table lists the valid coordinate formats which can be passed to the calling interfaces.

Enumeration value Type Description
SUPERKONFORM xml:string Super conform (data format of the company PTV)
MERCATOR xml:string Mercator, the standard coordinate format
GEODECIMAL xml:string Geo-decimal multiplied by 100.000
GEODECIMAL_POINT xml:string Geo-decimal as float value (not multiplied by 100,000)