Parameter overview

Different parameters are required for the search (some parameters are optional).

The parameters are case-sensitive.

Security parameters

Name Description Data type Default value
SystemPartner Partner name (provided directly by YellowMap) string  
SecurityID Access key (provided directly by YellowMap) string  
Channel Normally empty; can be used for customer-specific logging string  

Content parameters

Name Description Data type Default value

Branch codes (the list of all branches can be requested from YellowMap). If industry codes, which are not included in the list, are detected, the API will be activated for them after consultation.

"OR" and "AND" links are possible using "|" and "&" (| binds stronger than &),
for example, "4680&1210|1923" is interpreted as "4680&(1210|1923)".

Note that the logic differs from boolean logic, where "AND" binds stronger than "OR".

Catchwords The transfer of several keywords is possible. Keywords are separated by a space.
Example: "itservices computer support".

Location parameters

Name Description Data type Default value
IsoCountryCode Two character long ISO code of the country, for example "DE" for Germany. string DE
IsoLocale Call and return locale - required for multilingual content. Use "de-DE" for Germany (default). string de-DE
Location Single slot search: Street, postal code and city can be used for the search. string  
LocX Koordinaten des Längengrads mit Dezimalpunkt, zum Beispiel „8.41876“ für Karlsruhe/Deutschland. uint  
LocY Longitude coordinates with decimal point, for example "8.41876" for Karlsruhe/Germany. uint  
Lux, Luy
Rlx, Rly
Rectangle coordinates for searching in a rectangle (upper left and lower right corner). uint  
CoordFormatIn GEODECIMAL_POINT ("Google format", WGS84/GPS coordinates); alternatively MERCATOR and many more. string GEODECIMAL_POINT

A postal code within a branch or keyword search, for example "76133" in Germany

One or more postal codes in a postal code based search (separated by |).
If a postal code is specified, it may be incomplete, for example "761". If several postal codes are specified, they must be complete, for example "76133|08269".

Street Street name including house number string  
City City string  


Name Description Data type Default value
MaxRadius Radius in meters; -1 means unlimited (by default within a radius of up to 300 km). int -1
Top Number of desired results uint 20
Page The desired page (if it should be possible to turn the page). uint 1
OrderBy Possible entries:

Special parameters

Name Description Data type Default value
Freefilter Normally empty; used for special filters. (For additional own solutions) string  
Addition Normally empty; additional parameters can be passed over here. (For additional own solutions) string  


Name Description Data type Default value
CustomerID Foreign key of the data record specified by the supplier. string  
Identifier YellowMap-own primary key of the data set (encrypted). string