The backend services are independent services. This is an enterprise function of the SmartMaps. The functionality is not available in SmartMaps FREE. For the activation of a service and further questions we are at your disposal in our support area .

Area search SOAP

To use the interface, you need a partner name and an access key (see authorization).


Formally, it is a SOAP service (SOAP 1.1 and 1.2), the description of which you get by querying the WSDL:  

In principle, the service can also be used via http-GET or http-POST. Optionally XML or JSON is returned. For this there is a separate access in each case:



Please note that the JSON return is also enclosed in an XML tag.

Parameter Conventions

The parameters can be passed in any order. Some parameters are optional. Those parameters, which are needed for a certain call, are marked under the respective call method.

Please note that the parameters must be passed in UTF-8 format and URL-encoded.

Test of the interface

You can test the interface via a browser. If you access one of the search forms via a browser, for example 

the web server generates code with a form field action, in which the port is specified: ...

Before submitting the form in a browser, you must remove the :4000 (for example using Firebug) - otherwise you will get a network error message.