Features (Map)


Map properties include interaction handlers that allow you to control the interaction behavior at runtime and enable or disable certain functions such as dragging or touch zooming (see IHandler methods). Example:


You can also access standard map controls, such as attribute control:

map.original.attributionControl.addAttribution("Earthquake data © GeoNames");   
Name Description Data type
dragging Handler for moving the map (both with the mouse and by touch). IHandler
touchZoom Handler for touch zoom. IHandler
doubleClickZoom Handler for double click. IHandler
scrollWheelZoom Handler for mouse wheel zoom. IHandler
boxZoom Handler for box zoom (shift-drag with the mouse). IHandler
keyboard Keyboard navigation handler. IHandler
tap Handler for "Mobile Touch Hacks" (Quick Tap and Touch Hold). IHandler
zoomControl Zoom Control. Control.Zoom
attributionControl Attribution-Kontrolle. Control.Attribution